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With times being hard and the ecomnomy being the talk of the town these days people are skeptical to share or give to others in their time of need. Which leaves those that are truly in need even more devastated and the one that could help watching those lose hope.

Where do you stand in this economy? Are you the one in need, the one who has the ability to be a great help or somewhere in between? Either way ask yourself how can I recieve or give help? Well allow me to ask you a question, what are you good at? What Talent were you born with? What do you do in your pass time?

No matter where you stand in this economy there is always something you have to offer and that is your talent. Whatever career your in or even your passion, try giving that back. There is always someone in your community that could use your gifts and talents. If we all pull together and put our gifts and talents together we would not have to depend on so many others outside the community. Not that we don't want or need the help of outside sources, but would need less of the small things that can come from inside the community such as: tax preparers, beauty and barber salons, fitness, movers, daycare, grocery stores, cleaners, lawyers, restaurants, hotels, coaches etc.

The shelters and organizations that come upon referrals to many of us are already over crowded by so many that are in need. There is a waiting list or barely room especially now with the economy. So if we had more resources within our own community because we gave back our gifts and talents we would have to refer less people outside.

Remember there was an old saying that "it takes a villiage." Our community is that villiage and our children are our future. We have to continue to pour into them our resources and giving back our time and talents is a huge start.

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