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Giving Back by Sharing your Gifts and Talents

With times being hard and the ecomnomy being the talk of the town these days people are skeptical to share or give to others in their time of need. Which leaves those that are truly in need even more devastated and the one that could help watching those lose hope.

Where do you stand in this economy? Are you the one in need, the one who has the ability to be a great help or somewhere in between? Either way ask yourself how can I recieve or give help? Well allow me to ask you a… Continue

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Watch Your Language

I had a 10 year client whom came faithfully every 2 weeks, that had only missed 1 Salon visit over this period of time. Well first of all we had grown really fond of each other and I also did her mom's hair as well. So she was sis and her mother was now mom to me.

She works as a Paralegal at a very well known company and has her stuff together and has a tell it like it is personality. Don't get me wrong she is the sweetest lady but I must say very short tempered. She uses really foul… Continue

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The Importance of Water

The average adult body contains 42 litres of water and with just a small lose of 2.7 litres he or she can suffer from dehydration, displaying symptoms of irritability, fatigue, nervousness, dizziness, weakness, constipation, weight gain, fluid retention, dark urine, bladder and urinary track infection, headaches and consequently reach a state of pathology. Dry mouth is not the only indication of being dehydration, but in fact the last sign.

The beveages that most people choose to…


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To Weave or not To Weave, that is the question?

Weave or extensions whichever you choose to call them can be use for many purposes. Such as growing out chemicals and going natural, special occasions, or creating length or fullness. The experience can be a beautiful master piece if the right one is choosen for your hair. If not done properly what's brewing underneath could be a disaster. There are several different techniques available today such as: sewn, pole, net, lace, wax, bonding, and ponytail, etc.

First, you should have a… Continue

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