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Hey Friends!

Like everyone else, we woke up this morning to buzz about Michelle Obama's new haircut. Her new WHAT?! She cut her hair!?

We were shocked, but smitten. Super chic, we thought. Huffington Post, LA Times and even the Daily Mirror in the UK had picked up the story about the new look. The big question was... was it a cut or a pin-up?

Of course, UrbanBeautyCollective.com went straight to the source. We immediately got the First Lady's official hairstylist Johnny Wright on the phone for the scoop. Here's the skinny directly from Johnny...

UBC Founder Ava DuVernay: Johnny, did you cut Mrs. O's hair last night? Everyone's talking about her new 'do!

Johnny Wright: (laughing) No, no I didn’t. No, we’re not ready to cut yet. What is so funny is that her press secretary emailed me this morning about her own appointment just to get her hair done next week and she was like, "By the way, her hair looked amazing last night." Then, someone later on said something to me about her hair last night. But I got up early this morning and I had to do a radio interview, then came straight to the salon, so I didn't even know this was all going on. I haven’t heard the buzz. You are the first person telling me this.

AD: (laughing) So you are confirming that her hair has NOT been cut?

JW: No, I didn’t cut her hair. There are two things I do. The UP-TUCK, like you are tucking something in. Then I do a TUCK-UP. The UP-TUCK is when I position a small ponytail somewhere on the head, and then I tuck the rest of the hair up under that ponytail. Then a TUCK-UP is when I take the hair and gather it all in the back and I twist it and I pull up and tuck. And that is what she got last night! A TUCK UP! Not a cut.

I have done it on different celebrities and it looks different every time depending on the length of the hair. It's a really easy up do. And it looks really classy and appropriate for any occasion.

AD: Well, we loved it. And I even thought it gave a good indication of how fab she'd look with a short crop. You think that'll ever happen?

JW: Last night I said to her that this would be a nice length for her whenever we decide to cut it, and she said yeah. So now whenever we do cut it, I’ll probably go shorter now because everyone thinks that’s the cut!


So there you have it - straight from the source. We'll have more with Johnny Wright in the coming days. He's a fascinating man, with a blazing hot career and a warm spirit. In the meantime, like Mrs. Obama, don't be afraid to try something new with your 'do. You just might cause a stir too!

Love, Peace & Hair Grease...

Comment by Lola on July 22, 2009 at 5:37pm
I love Mrs. O's hair. Great job Mr. Wright! I have to try that up tuck trick!
Comment by Phala Wright on July 22, 2009 at 6:42pm
Wow. Straight from the man of the moment! Congrats on all your success Johnny! This is wonderful.
Comment by Tosha on July 22, 2009 at 11:59pm
Great tidbit! I think it looks really great. I think she'd be adorable with short hair. Maybe in the second term 2012 baby!

UBC comin with the REAL DEAL! UPTUCK! So cute :) Looking forward to more from Mr. Wright. Go 'head UBC. I remember you when.
Comment by Michelle Jackson on July 23, 2009 at 1:33pm
She always looks fabulous! I would kill to have Johnny bless my 'do!


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